Are you wondering how to get your documents into The DocSafe?  

Here are a few ways to make this process simple and easy:


Scan your  Documents 



The most common way to convert a physical document into a digital document is to scan your document into your computer.  Most multi-function printers include a scanning feature.  


Be sure to name your document something that you can remember, such as "Living Trust" so that you can easily identify if when you upload it into The DocSafe. 

Call your Advisors


Many of the documents that you may want to upload into The DocSafe are already in a digital format.  Many of your advisors, such as your accountant and insurance agents, keep documents electronically.  


We suggest that you call your advisors to email your insurance policies and/or declaration pages, beneficiary designations and tax returns to save you time in uploading them into The DocSafe.  

Search the Internet


Some documents, like deeds and mortgages, may already be available on public websites, such as your local Clerk of Court's office.  If your county is "online", then you can search for these documents for easy retrieval and upload.


Any accounts with online access, such as retirement accounts, may save beneficiary designation forms and similar documents through your online access.  While these documents are available to you on these sites, if your family is unaware of them, they will be delayed in getting access to your information unless they are saved in a central location - The DocSafe.