Simple & Easy to Use

Every part of The DocSafe process is easy from sign-up to managing your documents and information. Walk through the How It Works page and see for yourself - it only takes a few minutes to become a member and to start organizing your life!


Our step-by-step guide takes the mystery out of what to expect once you get started. Once on board, you will be happy you joined. There is no greater feeling than knowing that your important information is safe and accessible to you and your family when you need it most.

"The DocSafe is exceedingly simple. You only need to follow the simple set up procedure and fill in the blanks, and everything is done for you. Simple. The DocSafe also helps remind you what documents you ought to be saving, which ensures that you do not miss one crucial document when saving them online." 
                                                                                             Shiv Gunter - Twenty First Tech

Here are the few steps to getting started - it's really this easy.

How it Works

    Create Your Username

    Enter Your Information

    Upload Your Files


Still not convinced that it's this easy?  Check out Uploading Made Easy - if you can send attachments with an email, then you can use The DocSafe.