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The DocSafe was created for the stressed-out, the too-busy, and the chronically disorganized. When it comes to keeping track of important documents and information, The DocSafe is the tool for you.




Imagine receiving a telephone call in the middle of the night that a loved one has been taken to the hospital. You hurry to their side, only to forget copies of the advance medical directives given to you several months earlier when your loved one prepared their estate plan.


Before The DocSafe, your only solution to help your loved one was to drive home to rummage through your file cabinets to locate those documents, and quickly return to the hospital. With The DocSafe, no matter where you are, you can access key information and your critical documents safely and securely online. 


Anywhere you have internet access, The DocSafe acts as your virtual safe deposit box, allowing quick and easy retrieval of your documents. 

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To help you organize and simplify your life, The DocSafe is structured by category, asking questions to help you discover the types of documents that you and your family may need to maintain.  You don't have to worry about missing something - we have taken all of the mystery out of the process. You just need to answer a few questions and upload your documents.



You can then upload your documents for simplified organization in your personal DocSafe.  

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The DocSafe uses Secure Sockets Layer Certificates (SSLs) to ensure encryption of sensitive date as it moves to and from The DocSafe.  With an SSL, information, such as credit card numbers, cannot be intercepted by an outside party, regardless of their intentions.


We also encrypt all information placed on our server. When it is downloaded by an authorized user, it is decrypted for your use.  Documents and information stored in The DocSafe are secured using the latest in encyption technology.


As an added layer of security, any secondary user to your account, such as a close family member, friend or trusted advisor, can be given access to your information and documents.  This will allow that user to review and access any of your information.


To learn more about how serious we are about securing your information, please visit our Secure page.

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The DocSafe is more than just a convenient place to store value information.  It is about giving you peace of mind when you need it most.  That is why having your documents stored online in a secure environment makes sense.  


You do not need to worry about going to your bank during business hours to get access to your safe deposit box or having to call your attorney to send a copy of an important estate planning document.  



Instead, in the comfort of your home at anytime day or night, you can access anything that you chose to secure in The DocSafe.


You can even given loved ones and trusted advisors secondary access to Your DocSafe Profile so that they can also access your important documents whenever they are needed.


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