Our Commitment to You

You are the people we love to serve. Your commitment to serving our country with the qualities of honesty, integrity and loyalty define you as a member of the military. We strive to honor those qualities as we, in turn, serve you.


In recognition of your service, we are pleased to extend special promotions to you and your family.


Simply contact us so that we can offer our thanks to you and a unique promo code for a discounted membership. When you contact us, please provide:

  • your name; and
  • copy of your DoD identification card (you can scan it in
       and black out your DoD ID number if you wish), OR email us from your ".mil" account

If you are on active duty and preparing for deployment, you may want to review this Pre-deployment Guide courtesy
of Navy Federal  Credit Union, and be sure to upload your answers to The DocSafe so that you can access them
anywhere in the world.