In Support of Those who Serve:

We recognize the incredible contributions our armed forces and their families make to our country, and we are extremely grateful. With that in mind, we would like to offer members of our armed forces and their families a
FREE lifetime membership with The DocSafe as our thank you. 

For our Veterans:

We cannot forget the valuable contributions made by our veterans to our country for which we are also very grateful.
For all veterans, we would like to offer HALF-OFF our regular memberships with The DocSafe.

What is The DocSafe?

The DocSafe stores crucial documents stored online, accessible from any device connected to the Internet. Documents are grouped in categories, such as Estate Plans, Insurance, Retirement and Tax Statements, that make retrieving and updating them a snap.


"The DocSafe allows the participants to have peace of mind. It's a gift they can give to their loved ones. As a previous Commander, I would recommend it to all military personnel."


                                                      LTC John Campbell, USA, Retired, Director of
Vetmade Industries Inc.

Why Now?

The information needed for the demands of daily life is scattered in several places:  

  • file cabinets
  • lawyer’s or accountant’s office
  • digital files on computer hard drives

Why not have all those documents organized in one spot, safe from fire, natural disasters or forgetfulness?

How to Activate:

Simply contact us so that we can offer our thanks to you and a unique promo code for a discounted membership. When you contact us, please provide:

  • your name; and
  • copy of your DoD identification card (you can scan it in and black out your DoD ID number)
    OR email us from your ".mil" account